Sunday, June 15, 2008

#22 In bed with..... The Rolling Stones

After the early DW-5X00 series, Casio developped the so called "Capsule Tough" construction. The module in this construction is captured in a protecting case. The case is now made of poly-urethane, a very durable impact proof compound, in stead of screwback, the back plate is tightened with 4 screws.

In the beginning these G-Shocks look pretty basic, like the DW-6100, DW-6600 and DW-6900, but with the DW-00X models, the G-Shocks begin to look more exotic, specially because bright colors are not avoided.

If you should ask me which G-Shock's I like, I mostly say I love the '90's models. I have a weakness for the classic "Master of G series" and the DW-00X models. And of the last group, I definitely love the DW-002. I think this was the highlight of the whole Capsule Tough concept. I don't think many G-Shock's are thicker. The form of the buttons is unique.

Of all DW-002's the Rolling Stones models were absolutely one of the best. When I got mine, I didn't know much about this model. It was owned by someone in the US, I believe near New York. The former owner had quite a story about this watch.

When the battery went dead, he sent this watch to the Casio Service Center in New Jersey. It took a long time before he got it back. When he got it back, the Pin-Up girl had disappeared! Unbelievable, they did not only change the battery, but also the module. It took him a lot of phone calls to get the original module back. He was not sure if they found the old module or they ordered a new module.

The story sounded a bit strange then, but unfortunately now I have heard more horror stories. Even people who sent in a vintage G-Shock and receive a brand new model.

Casio USA, I hope you read this. There are now a lot vintage Casio and G-Shock collectors. Please give them a helping hand if needed in the Casio Centre in New Jersey.

We get a bit off track. The Rolling Stones models have grey/black cases. The straps are leather and have a crocodile or snake print on them.

They were released July 1995. There were three of them. One has a skull in the backlight, another a guitar head, but the nicest is the one I have, the DW-002RS-8. It shows a Pin-Up girl in the backlight. The straps are in brown leather. Although this series is called Rolling Stones, I actually can't see the connection with the skull and the Pin-Up. The famous Rolling Stones mouth logo would be more logic, but the Pin-Up is very cool.

The watch has an Alarm, Countdowntimer and a Stopwatch on board. Pretty basic, but actually all I need in daily life.

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