Saturday, July 19, 2008

#27 Men in Yellow Frogman

About a year ago (June 2007) I got a message from a good friend in Australia. He had bought a DW-8200Y-9T M.I.Y. Frogman. It was his first Frogman and was at first excited about it, but later he realized the yellow color was too much outstanding for him. He found this Frogman in Australia and had paid an unbelievable low price for it. As a friend and fan of my website he offered me his MIY Frogman for the same price as he got his. I mailed him he was sure he wanted to part from it, and he was sure about the price too. It was at around half the price what was regular for this model in good but used condition.
After a good week waiting for my package, it arrived. Without Tax problems, which was very pleasant. My girlfriend and son were going for 18 days to my sister in law in Uganda. For the tax and duties sometimes asked for a package from outside Europe I can eat for a whole week.
So I started unpacking. Instead of one box, I found three boxes. And it was not Sinterklaas (Santa Claus) yet for months. In the first box I found my Frogman. The bright beautiful yellow. To my big surprise I found two other G-Shock's in the other bags too. I was completely amazed. A small letter told me they were gifts. Awesome.
Now have you probably read last week in my post #26 that I wasn't too enthusiast about my DW-8200-1A. Somehow colored versions of the DW-8200 look bigger too me. I happen to own a DW-8200GF-4JF Metallic Red Frogman too. I cannot explain, but that model also looks bigger than the basic version too.Since I got my MIY Frogman it has gotten a lot of wrist time. I pretty much like yellow and red G-Shock's. This Frog looks very big and looks quite nice on my wrist. It's also a bit heavy. Probably because the case is not made of the regular titanium, but of stainless steel. It gives you also the feel that you wear a big watch.
The Men In Yellow series were released in March 1998. It followed the Men In Black series, that were released October 1997. Where MIB were a big wink to the movie, the MIY series were the start of a new kind of series on their own. Every Men In... serie were Master of G models in a certain color pattern. From all Men In... series, the MIY series always attracted me the most. I managed to get almost all MIY models. Only the Fisherman unfortunately is missing in my collection.
My MIY Frogman is pretty much used. Not that it's in bad shape, but it has signs of wear. Of course also because I wear it also from time to time. I have been looking out for new straps and maybe a new bezel for it, but unfortunately I haven't run into them. I have other plans in the near future, but when I have bought those G's I will dig into Yahoo JP to find a pair of straps and a bezel for my Frog. It would be great to have my Frog in like new state.
In 2000 the last Men in ... series were released. The Men In White Gray. In that time the term Master of G slowly disappeared, until suddenly in 2006 Casio revives the term for the new G-9000 Mudman model. In 2007 the G-9100 Gulfman was revived and lately totally unexpected the Riseman celebrated it's comeback!
Barely the Riseman was released or the rumor of an orange Riseman appears. Not soon later (in fact less than 10 minutes) I found out that a new Men In Rescue Orange will be released in September. Awesome! Go Casio, Go!!!

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