Thursday, July 31, 2008

4 Generations of Frogs

It's the last day of July. I think an excellent time to have an summary of the 4 generations Casio Frogman's.

From left to right: DW-6300 (since 1993), DW-8200 (since 1995), DW-9900 (since 1999) and GW-200 (since 2001). I recently got an e-mail telling the GW-200 is still not at the end of the line. It is still a rumor, but it is told that there will be some re-releases of the Frogman in 2009, like there were in 1999).

Let's see what Greg has for us in August. I am sure I will return to the a Frogman subject at least once. There is still a very nice model that deserves to be shown by me;-)

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