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#22 My old metal G-Cool.

I got this watch from iBazar early 2001. It was one of the first watches I bought from Internet on an on-line auction. It was not cheap for me. If I'm correct I paid f125.- for it, while I knew the backlight wasn't working. It looked pretty special and I had no metal G-Shock in my collection yet. Together with the DW-004 I got from Charlotte Coppola. I went to my Casio Service center, where a new module was ordered (together with a new strap for the DW-004). I was pretty surpriswed the module was available as a spare part. Within a week the module was sent and replaced. Costs f100.- (€45.-). I took it out of my collection to take pics for this article and found out the battery was week. As you can see the display goes blanc when the EL button is pressed. A pretty much common phenomena when a battery is at the end of its lifetime.
A nice way to combine a battery replacement with a photo shoot. I found out something strange. As this watch was released in Europe as a GT-004 model, in Japan the same model was released in Japan as GT-000C-1 in a September 1997. Since I can't find out when this model was released in Europe, I can't check if the model number on the back plate is correct, but I think it is. The case of the GT-000 and GT-004 is pretty much the same. The G-Cool line was introduced in November 1996. The G-Cool line was designed for models on the catwalks in fashion shows in Paris and Milan. The G-Cool line combines fashion and style in a tough G-Shock housing.This model with stainless steel/composite bracelet was pretty expensive. The retail price in Japan was ¥26000 (€200.-), while the other versions were not cheap too with prices around ¥18000. Meanwhile in my laboratory the battery has taken out of the watch and we can see the module has two extra golden springs. These springs check if the back plate is still on the right place. On the inside of the backplate we can see the place where the golden springs touch the contact. A sticker is placed on the piezo speaker, telling we have to reset the watch after battery replacement and to wait until the text "WAIT" has gone. Also the display can show "OPEN" if the back is not closed properly and "Close" when the case needs to be closed.
A sticker is placed on the piezo speaker, telling we have to reset the watch after battery replacement and to wait until the text "WAIT" has gone. The display can also show "OPEN" if the back is not closed properly and "Close" when the case needs to be closed. Of course the sticker does not completely cover the piezo speaker, so that the alarm spring can make contact.
There is also a small metal strip that makes contact with the back plate too. If this strip makes contact, the EL backlight can operate. If a watch has problems with the EL backlight, it might be a problem with this strip.
After the reset procedure (connect the AC contact with the back of the battery, for instance with sharp point tweezers, but crossed screwdrivers and staples will do too), you can put the watch together the same way you opened it. Talking about opening a G-Shocks with a metal bracelet take more action. First the bracelet needs to be opend or removed from one side of the case. On this model also two wrist rest need to be removed, before you can remove the back.
When everything is put together, the first thing I check is the EL backlight and the alarm. If you preform a battery change with care, everything should work fine. Well, I have changed a lot of batteries, so I was not too surprised to see it worked fine, but failure can always lurk on the corner.
Back to the GT-004 (or GT-000C). The wrist rest makes the watch stand a little from the wrist, allowing a little ventilation. This allows moist and sweat to vaporize easily, preventing irritation of the skin.
The streamlined buttons are very large and easy to access and press. The EL button is protected by two guards. While a rim around the display protects the crystal, there are also 4 raised guards protecting for extra protection.
The 1632 module is pretty interesting. It has a Telememo and Schedule function. The Telememo function can store up to 100 sets of names and telephone numbers. The Schedule function can store up to 100 scheduled events with dates and time. There is a memory for 100 events that is shared by the Telememo and Schedule function. The Schedule function is a kind agenda alarm function.
The watch also has a Vital Statistics function. I am a bit biased by this function. You can store your name, blood type, date of birth, creditcard number, (drivers-) license number, passport number and two open spaces for personal data. The module has an EPROM, so the memory is not lost after a battery change, even not after an AC procedure, though Casio is not responsible if data might got lost during these operations.
The module has a simple alarm function with hourly chime, but with the Schedule function you will be able to set up to 100 scheduled alarms. A 24 hour stopwatch completes the functions on this watch. Youy might miss a Countdown timer, but again, you can use the Schedule function.
I already mentioned it above.
The watch has a bracelet made of solid stainless steel links with resin inserts. The G-Cool logo is stamped in the buckle. The buckle can only be opened as the two buttons on the side of the buckle are pressed.
This G-Cool has an Auto-EL function on board. If you have turned on this function, the EL backlight will light up if you tilt your arm about 40º when you r arm is held parallel to the ground. This means in practice the way you hold your arm when you look at your watch.
A less functional function is the Auto Display function. If you press the Mode button (bottom left) for about 5 seconds, the upped display scrolls through the functions of the watch. This function is specially for shops displays.
Nowadays you can find G-Cool models with leather, resin or cloth straps for very low prices. Sometimes new in box for around $30.-. I think if you find one of these for those prices and you like these models, you get pretty much watch for your money.

The G-Cool series can be divided in three generations. This model is from the first generation. I think that the G-Cool series will return several times here on 50 Gs.

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Pretty cool, I was unaware there were any metal Gs outside of the MR-G lineup.