Saturday, May 9, 2009

Intermezzo #7: Thinking thinking thinking...

Sometimes it can take a lot of time before I find a new subject to a new 50 Gs article... This week was very hard. The final exam candidates had a party yesterday. I was by car, so I decided to drink cola. Loads of that stuff. For some kind of reason some sorts of cola's have a pretty unpredictable working. Often I get hyperactive, so yet last night. When I came home around 3:00 I went editing photo's for an upcoming review/intermezzo (not sure how to fill in). Completely awake I stepped into bed to not wake up this morning around 9:00. So I started writing a new 50 Gs article. I had a candidate and some ideas.
I already had taken my fully charged PDA with me to bed yesterday and also I had my iPhone within hand reach, so I can perform simple searches on internet. Often I check my own website and G-Shock Perfect Search (GPS). A copy of the G-Shock Perfect Bible was also handy. Well, actually I am at the moment still not finished writing, but most investigation work is over.
Then the next stage. I think 50 Gs articles are worthless without photo's. Actually Eva (my girlfriend) found me like this this afternoon. "What are you doing"? "Thinking for backgrounds". Well, I build an alternative set, after turn off filling the dinner table with logs of wood.
Of course there is always something that won't work in an alternative set-up. Also the light gives sometimes problems. I had to wait until the sun had set. I must say this is a very nice set-up, but it had to wait. There was a favorite program on the television.
So all photo's are finished. In total I transfered 70 photo's to the computer for tomorrows article. I have no idea how much of them I finally will use. I just uploaded 49 photo's in my Photobucket album. Then I have to edit a lot of photo's. For details I make macro shots, where only small parts are needed. Often I try to remember what I was thinking during the photo shoot, while during the photo shoot I am already thinking what I will think if I get it into Photoshop.
The photo's were pretty clear this time. Sometimes I have to edit some dust away or use some effects. I hope you will like tomorrows article.


Riley said...

Thanks for all the hard work Sjors. You're like a mad scientist with G-Shocks. I'm looking forward to seeing your new article.

Unknown said...

I can't think of any other watch blogger who puts as much thought and work into their posts!