Sunday, October 4, 2009

#41 City Code TYO

I'm back to complete my second series of 50 G-Shock articles. I admit I have written this article in a bit short time, because I'm in the middle of the preparations of the Coastal Marathon. At the time this article is published, the walkers just started and is my work done. Since my girlfriend Eva is also walking the marathon, I will be supporting her too. Therefore I have written this article a little earlier.
There are only 9 articles to follow. If you want a review of a model that hasn't been posted on 50Gs yet and you know I own the model (see G-Peopleland for my collection), feel free to contact me and I will look if I can dig that watch up before the end of the year.
Before I start this article, a nice video by Vitalic. I have been playing OK Cowboy the whole week now. I couldn't find a good video of "La Rock 01", but this is also nice party music for this G-Shock model. Punp up the Volume! About a month ago, Reznor at SG-Shock showed two new G-5500 models that were sold in Singapore, but didn't exist in the GPS (G-Shock Perfect Search). The backlight of these models show city codes. A pale yellow version shows TYO, a gray version shows NYC. This model is not very known in Japan, though some on-line vendors sell them for around 10000 yen. I love the 5500's and though I promised myself to limit my G-Shock purchases, I could not let thist cute yellow model go. Frankly I would have loved to have the NYC model too. It is funny these models pop up right now. I'm a big fan of the KIKS TYO fashion brand. Around the same time as the City Code G-Shocks appeared, KIKS TYO launched the "City Edition" series of World Cities. Instead of the logo, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles is printed. Recently added with Brooklyn. Unfortunately the red Chicago shirt seems sold out. I think it would be a great idea if Casio released more City Code models. CHI, LAX, LON and PAR come to my mind. If they care for a good old Heineken, they might add AMS too. The color of the TYO model is not deep yellow, like the G-6900A-9 (and the Positive Yellow Codename by Aurele). It's a bit hard to describe actually. You might say lemon yellow I guess. It actually looks even a bit toyish, if not worn, but I think it looks great on my arm. I secretly hope this models are around for a while, but I am afraid this will be a pretty limited edition run. I would love to get my hands on the gray NYC model too. If you look good, you'll find them for bargain prices. I got mine for less that €60,-.


Riley said...

Nice one Sjors. This G really got overlooked with its seemingly small release. I hope the marathon was a good ride for you.

SkyForce6 said...

I like this model. I always waited for an all bright yellow G-5500 and here we finally have it so this one is on my list!

This is the second run of City series from Casio. Last run was in February 2009 I think when they released the blue/black with negative display DW-5600 for Tokyo TYO and a bright green/black for Los Angeles LAX. Those models are also very unknown.

Strange that casio sometimes release these almost secret models that are not announced properly and do not appear in perfect search. I remember the release pattern was similar back in 2005 for my yellow GL-7500. It also mostly appeared in Singapore. What is it with casio and special yellow releases just for Singapore hehe?

But then again it is kind of extra fun to own such a hidden model. They sure are going to become very rare and hard to find rather fast.

But this time there also appear to come a European version of this I just saw an -ER version listed on German ebay. But only 1 seller and the price is 119 EUR so not so good price as the Singapore sellers.

Sincerely Joakim Ågren!

SkyForce6 said...

Oh I just noticed I left out that the Green/Black LAX one was not a DW-5600 model it was a G-5500 model. The G-5500US I think it was.

Unknown said...

Hi Riley,

It was a pretty hard ride this time. Imagine riding up and down on a 3ft wide trail over dunes, covered with sand, riding against 8 Beaufort.

On the dike of Westkapelle I had the wind from the side, constantly trying to blow me off the dike.

When I was walking up the stairs on the dunes again, I was jammed between my bike and the stairs railing, about 30ft from the bottom of the stairs and still about 20 to climb.

Here's a photo of Bram on the Mini-Marathon:

And here a link to the television broadcast of the walking edition. I think you recognize the guy in the red camo Bathing Ape jacket (next to the light blue organization jacket). At about 3' you see Bram and Eva cross the finish.



Unknown said...

Hello Joakim,

Thanks for your comment. I knew there were one or two other models, but I couldn't find them everywhere (I remember the LAX EL backlight).

In my research I asked FUMI, but he could also only remember a blue version. Now I see the G-5500US model, I remember this LAX model. It's more a "Joakim model", LOL

Just a question out of curiosity. I am pretty sure I can't write another 50 G-Shock articles next year. I pretty much covered almost 100 different G-Shock models.

Isn't it an idea to try to make a next 50 articles together. I think if I squeeze a lot, I can make another 25 articles... What do you think of writing the 25 other. Looking at your lengthy replies, I think you can do it and I love to see those glowing bears from time to time, ha ha (just joking).