Sunday, October 18, 2009

Intermezzo #16: All right, alright!

Well, actually I didn't want to make these photo's at all. I actually am very happy with the MIMB Gulfman and the series of photo's I made for the article above. Somehow I can feel readers reading my article and think they want to see photo's with a better view of my new watch.

First I thought I would include these photo's at the end of my original article, but frankly, it totally ruined the whole concept. I couldn't look at it, even for a second.
So, I decided to make a small intermezzo only for these extra two photo's at the bottom of this intermezzo. Well let's first blend in a fantastic video of the Lucky People Centre remix of "Timber", which I also wanted to conclude in the original article. Note this is from a remix CD-Single of 1998, with all the video's included of the remixes on a CD-Video. Like the label "Ahead of our time" of Coldcut said, it just is.

The photo's above are only used to separate these photo's as far as possible of the original article. I think you can see how dark black these Men In Matte Black is. With two spots directly shining on it, it still only reflects a small part of the light. The photo's are only cropped and resized. Like I wrote in my article, this watch is really that black!

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