Thursday, October 15, 2009

Intermezzo #15: I want to be a member of Club G. How do you do that? I want to read and write Japanese. How do you use the Excite Translation Page?

Sometimes I see people ask the question how can become a member of Club G. What is Club G? Club G is a member service of Casio that provides the "Club G-Shock News" newsletter. This newsletter is sent roughly once or twice a month. Almost every month, around the 1st day, the Webmaster of Club G will sent you a mail with the new model updates if you are subscribed as a member.

Skipping the pages with rules and regulations, you can subscribe on this page.

So how do you fill in the form and register form:
If you fill in the form right and click the button with the arrow, you will get the next page:
For translations from Japanese to English and vise versa, I always use the Excite translation website. I know there are the Google translation tools and Babel Fish (Altavista, later Yahoo), but Excite always seem to work(much) better for me. Probably because this translator is specific made for English - Japanese translations. One problem, the website is in Japanese.
Don't let you blow away by the Japanese texts, the website works amazingly simply. I show you with the screen shot below.

  1. Text input. You can copy and paste text in here or directly type your text.
  2. Direction of translation: 日 means Japanese, 英 means English.
  3. The translation button
  4. If you tag this box an extra box will open in the translation page, showing the translation back to the input language of the translated text (watch the screen shot below and you will understand what I mean).
  5. Reset button to clear all boxes.
You can edit and copy the texts in all boxes. This can become handy if you do not want to translate pieces of text. If you for instance don't want a name translated, I sometimes add an extra letter to make a non-exciting word. Example, to prevent the name Jack to be translated to
ジャック, you can input Jaack. After the translation you remove the extra "a", and you can use the text.

Have fun cruising Japanese websites and weblogs!

Note: If you right click on the screen shots and open in another tab, you can view them double size.

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Jurphaas said...

Wow, Sjors, one can really see that work in the educational field. With a checklist explanation like this we all will be G-Club members soon and we all will be posting Japanese orders all over the Japanese web... ;-)
Good Job, Man! Thanks and have fun in Barcelona!..