Sunday, December 6, 2009

Intermezzo #18 :Orange Fever: Poste Restante

I'm pretty much ahead of my planning. One of the reasons was that I had miscounted the articles two times. The last time was actually not too long ago. I tried to finish my 50th G goal mid December, before Christmas.
Though I took a small writing vacation in September, it seems I have some extra time to write my last article. I doubt it will be as good as last years final. The Aurèle model is a class apart. I wonder if they have started building the Yellow Lost Dog Museum Building for the World Expo in Shanghai.
I'm pretty fond of my Rescue-G Gulfman. That might be obvious. I've been writing about this watch already two times this year, one in article #40, one time as additional intermezzo. What I forgot was that I actually already taken great shots for 50Gs of this Gulfman at school, weeks before I wrote article #40.
Long after I published the article, I remembered this photo-shoot during my lunch break at school. I was cleaning the tables and thought it would be great playing with my camera, water and a lifeguard inspired watch. This is a great combination.
So no big story this week, but just enjoy the photo's I made. They nearly ended up in the depths of my photo archive, where they probably would be never found again.
I hope you enjoyed my Gulfman getting wet.I bought new kicks this week. These 410's nicely match my Rescue-G Gulfman.

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