Sunday, December 13, 2009

Intermezzo #20: On a morning in the Universe

I'm a huge fan of Spinvis. He writes very good music with sometimes mysterious texts in Dutch. For this Intermezzo I let me inspire by one of his texts and the Christmas decoration found around the house. I tried to translate the text in English, but the power of his words weaken a lot when translated.

On a morning in the universe
The mayor clears his throat
His mouth releases words
They ascent, they are with many
Look at them go, watch them go
The words float high over the water to the other side
They wait for the new city and countries on the new sand
On a morning in the universe
A ticket for the first tram
In one morning everything was finished
Birth Land and Watery Grave
Look at them now, Look at them now
The children plant flags in a country on the other side
The youngest has my eyes, and the oldest looks just like you
In one morning everything was finished
And sirens wail in the night
On a morning in the universe
Ministers dancing hand in hand
If one laughs to the photographer
Then it appears in the next morning paper
Move aside, Move aside
The brass band needs to pass by
Their sheet music blows from the bridge
They do not look back, marching to the horizon
And a new moon tonight
Then the first lights are turned on

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