Thursday, December 10, 2009

Intermezzo #19: A proper stand for my G-Shocks: CP Watch Holder

I have seen these watch holders from several watch collectors, showing their newest gains. I thought they looked great. I knew they came from our Japanese retailers Seiya Japan and Higuchi Inc.
A few weeks ago I saw a post on Katsu-san's weblog. He got hold of a batch of these watch holders. I reserved two, so it could be shipped with a watch I ordered before release. They cost $15.- a piece. I think that €10.20 is a very good price for a good solid quality watch stand. Katsu-san is also offering 5 of these shipped for $85.- (€58.-). A quick calculation learns that the $10.- for shipping is a quite friendly price. They are still available, so if you want a few for in your display cabinet, you now know where to get them. I don't have a display case, but I can use them very well for photographing watches. BTW, my new Frogman is vaguely visible in the background. It looks pretty nice in real!
Watch on the stand above (front) is my GW-225A-1JR Black Dawn Frogman. I got it from my friend Doug in New Jersey. He showed this great watch in one of his first video reviews. I included this review below. Enjoy!

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