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Intermezzo #23 What does that G-Shock name mean?

I just found this information on G-Shock Perfect Search. Often is asked what a certain name means, specially the name Master of G and the Master of G models. The text is latterly translated from Japanese to English, so you have to bend the English a little to understand what it says, but I think most is pretty good readable. Red  texts are edits by me.

MR-G It is superlative degree brand "MR-G" had both as for beautiful of ..ratio of G-Shock.. strength and the metal.
GIEZ The impact-proof performance of G-Shock is brand "GIEZ ([ji-zu])" with the form refined as it is simply. "G-ESSENCE" that means essence and essence is assumed to be an etymology.
MT-G Metal Twisted G. G-Shock and "MT-G" of reformation that arose by fusion of different material such as metals and resins.
G-COOL The impact-proof structure is "G-COOL (Cool G)" with a difference from past G-Shock succeeding to and a new streamlined form.
- Commodity theme
FROGMAN  (frogman) G-Shock of waterproof specification for 200m dive in accordance with ISO standard and "FROGMAN (frogman)".
MUDMAN  (Mad man) G-Shock that has Mad resist (dustproof and [fusedoro]) structure to cover space of joint of button and band that goes into mud and dust it easily with urethane resin full and "MUDMAN (Mad man)".Note: in translation of phonetic words the letter U is sometimes translated to an A.
FISHERMAN  (fisherman) G-Shock of last resist (rust prevention) structure to adopt titanium material for all metallic portions that touch air and "FISHERMAN (fisherman)".
RISEMAN  (Raizman) Twin sensor (pressure/temperature) is installed, and it is G-Shock that can measure the atmospheric pressure, high degree (altitude), and temperature, and "RISEMAN (Raizman)".
GAUSSMAN  (Gauss man) G-Shock with Mad resist (dustproof and ..prevention.. [doro]) structure and "GAUSSMAN (Gauss man). " ..not receiving the influence of magnetism easily...Note: See Mudman /Madman.
RAYSMAN  ([reizuman]) Tough solar is installed, light is perceived, and power is saved, and the dark is G-Shock that shows one's true ability, and "RAYSMAN ([reizuman])".
WADEMAN  (Wade man) It is G-Shock that advances to reliance the azimuth, and "WADEMAN (Wade man). " as for the road where the direction sensor is installed, and it provided with the azimuth bezel in which the road.
GULFMAN  (gulf man) It is G-Shock of last resist (rust prevention) structure using the titanium material, and "GULFMAN (gulf man). " as for the metal parts that touch air all.
REVMAN  ([rebuman]) G-Shock equipped with practicable function and dual stop watch tachymeter in motor sports and "REVMAN ([rebuman])".Note: The Revman is a MR-G model, not a Master of G model.
LUNGMAN  (Langman) Pulse sensor (heart Rate Monitor) is installed, and it is G-Shock that makes triathlon theme, and "LUNGMAN (Langman)".
ANTMAN  ([antoman]) Electric wave that puts standard frequency transmission is obtained, and it is radio controlled watch G-Shock that ticks away always accurate time, and "ANTMAN ([antoman])".
The Antman was the first Casio watch that could receive the radio signal from an Atomic Time transmitter. 
SKYFORCE  (sky force) G-Shock equipped with pressure sensor and "SKYFORCE (sky force)".
FOX FIRE  (Fox fire) G-Shock equipped with EL backlight that emits light vividly by the dark and "FOX FIRE (Fox fire)".
nexax  ([neguzakusu]) G-Shock that assumes design ''Capsule tough'' wrapped with capsule to be concept and "Nexax ([neguzakusu])".
CODE NAME  (code name) It has functions such as Contact code, ID, and Vital Statistics, and it is G-Shock that memorizes data, and "CODE NAME (code name)". The Second version of the Codename, the DW-8800 Codename Cipher has also a Morse Code translator on board.
X-treme  (extreme) G-Shock to put concept on extreme sports such as surfing, skateboard, and snowboard and "X-treme (extreme)".Evolved into G-Lide. Outside Japan X-Treme models were already released as G-Lide (see below).
G-LIDE  (G Ryde) G-Shock for "X-treme (extreme)" to put concept on extreme sports such as surfing, skateboard, and snowboard to change name into world union brand "G-LIDE".
G'MIX  (G mix) It is G-Shock that does the theme, and "G'MIX (G mix). " as for the music scene in the world.Outside Japan this series is called Tough Label.
TACTICIAN  ([takutei;shan]) It is G-Shock developed for the real yacht race like the designed case etc. , and "TACTICIAN ([takutei;shan]). " in left inclined to so as not to strike the back of the hand at the time of intense operation a timer, a tied graph function corresponding to the yachting race, and racing.
SILENCER  (silencer) G-Shock equipped with function to answer activity of professional in sea like [taidogurafu] and vibration alarm functions etc. and "SILENCER (silencer)".
- Commodity series
Anniversary Model  (10th/20th/25th) Special model by whom common sense is overturned and the 10/20/25th anniversary of born G-Shock was commemorated in 1983.
Dolphne and Whale Eco-Reserch Network(dolphin whale) Premium version G-Shock from which global environmental concerns that are themes that it is common and whole human family is eternal are produced in commemoration of international dolphin whale conference about which it thinks through dolphin whale.
SRF (Surfrider Foundation) G-Shock of green campaigner "Surfrider Foundation (surfrider Foundation)" official watch established by hands of surfers who love seas.
G Presents Lover's Collection ([rabakore]) Pair of G-Shock and Baby-G presented to lovers and "G Presents Lover 'S Collection (G [purezentsuraba-zukorekushon])".
W.C.C.S. (world coral reef protection society) (World coral-Reef Conservation Society/world coral reef protection society) W.C. C.S . G-Shock of official model.
Triple Crown of Surfing It is a game against the tour that ASP (professional surfing league) sponsors, and it is an official model of rally "Triple Crown (triple crown)" of world No.1 in all respects like the level, a noteworthy level, and eminence, etc.
Precious Heart Selection "Precious Heart Selection ([pureshasuha-toserekushon])" series that puts special feelings in important person and presents.
The World Cup G-Shock that commemorates festival ''FIFA World Cup'' of soccer once every four years that Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) sponsors.
Eric Haze model(Hayes Eric) [Korabore-tomoderu] of active artist "Eric Haze (Eric Hayes)" in various fields including HIPHOP field and G-Shock.
MEN IN Color series G-Shock and Master of G that specializes in the function are collected, and "Color" is "Man series. " ..the theme color and assumption.. want.
Natural environmental protection support series Commodity that supports natural environmental protection various groups in the world that act
Music system series Communications series that invents meeting new music
- Presented type
Digital It is a clock that doesn't have the needle, and displays time in the liquid crystal part by the figure.
Analogue It is a long hand, a hour hand, and a clock by which Kobari etc. of the second hand and the chronograph type furthermore display time.
Digital analog combinations The display of time by the figure of the liquid crystal part in addition to the display of time such as long hands and hour hands etc. are possible clocks.
- The main function
Radio controlled watch It is a clock that displays accurate time by receiving the standard frequency transmission that puts time information.
Tough solar Solar power generating system of original Casio. Little light such as fluorescent lamps is a solar panel that generates electricity and driving system by the combination of mass rechargeable batteries.
- Product number and module number
Product number It is a management number put on the commodity.
Module number It is a figure of four digits (Or, it is treble) (three) that have been described on the back side of the clock.The module number is written in the rectangle on the back.

This is a translation from this page on G-Shock Perfect Search (GPS).

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