Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Intermezzo #24 KIKS TYO has done it again!

I normally wear T-Shirts at work, so I try to get interesting shirts from all over the world. I love the KIKS TYO clothing brand. They combine sneaker fashion with humorous prints. I receive their newslettesr, so can I see when new shirts will come out.

At the moment I try to save money for a trip to Japan, so it's unfortunately more looking than buying. Still I want to share with you some of the newest KIKS TYO shirts. I think KIKS TTYO has released some great new designs this spring. Definitively worth a look.
First of all, in a limited edition of 100 pieces a shirt for the World Championship Soccer 2010. The colors of guest country South Africa can be found thoughout the whole print.The girl on the photo is model and actress Yuki Hoashi. Check out that bikini, even that has a football design.
 I can't place this image above. I know I have seen the original image before. I first thought it was taken from an album of The Smiths, but it isn't. The shirt also comes in black. I am pretty tempted to buy this one.
Jimbow has designed a new shirt. I bought the "girl at the arcade game" a year ago. I love bicycles. Tempted for this one too.
Not only in blue. I love Oreo cookies and I prefer dark chocolate... One delicious tee. Yummy!
I have the shirt with the astronaut holding a bunch of sneakers during a space walk. This "Small Step for Man" shirt is great too. What will be next? A flying sneaker floating away from a spaceship like  "2010, a Sneaker Odyssey"?

Store in a cool place... Sooo COOOOL...
I think many readers of my weblog above the age of 30 will remember the De La Soul album "3 feet High and Rising". A pitty the shirt is not made in bright yellow or pink, like the CD and vinyl.
Check out this cool stuff at: Kiks Tyo International Shop

Update 1: The album cover of the fallen flowers is from De La Soul: "De La Soul is Dead".

Update 2: After writing this intermezzo KIKS TYO has already added new items. One is their great Summer Lucky Pack. For 5000 yen you get a selection of KIKS TYO items worth over 15000 yen.

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