Friday, October 26, 2012

Intermezzo 55: London Dazed & Confused presents: G-Shock Awards for the 30th Anniversary.

I have been busy with a lot of G-Shock related things lately, but had no time to write a new article right now. I am also a bit in fast of my schedule, so I will skip this weeks 50 Gs G-Shock article. Instead I will publish several intermezzo's this weekend, starting with this one. Intermezzo 56 will be posted below this article, instead of above!
Last week, Thursday 18th October, Casio London teamed up with Dazed & Confused Magazine to present the G-Shock Awards. I had sent René to make some nice party pics, but due to circumstances, he was a bit late at the party, so he missed a the performane of Ghostface Killah (Wu-Tang Clan) and friends. Luckily there are lot's of sources with tons of pics, so I shall share some with you first.  Photo Credits to Casio G-Shock London  (color) and Dazed & Confused (black and white).
As you can see it was a big party with Ghostface Killah and Friends. Also Mr Ibe Kikuo was also present. During the evening there were also presented awards for the best young talent in Fashion, sports, music and art. Well, let's see what our special reporter René came up with for 50 Gs.
It's the G-Shock Torture room!
A G-Shock x Burton Collaboration in the flesh. In real very nice actually. The inner lining is like the M-Spec, but then in very light blue (almost white). I first thought the strap did not match the case, but in real it looks all smooth.
René was late at the party, but that had also it's benefits. While a lot of guests went home, he was able to speak to people of Casio London and could also take a closer look to the new presented models.
A G-Shoc and Baby-G pair custom made by upcoming the art duo Antoni & Alison.
A privately owned MRG-81-1JP of one of the people of Casio. Pretty exclusive, nr 8 of 50. Unfortunately i can't read the model number. It was shown at Baselworld 2012.
A Casio representative holding the Baselworld MR-G of 2011, the MRG-8100JP.
Normally this first DW-5000 model from 1983 is placed in a carefully guarded display. 
René managed to get me a goodie bag wich will show up in an other post. If you can't get enough of this party or want to know who were the winners of the G-Shock Awards, check this movie. 

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