Sunday, October 28, 2012

Intermezzo #57: Recent acquired G-Shock Promoting stuff

I've been busy a lot in the studio where I store my G-Shocks and other stuff, so it turned into a little mess lately. It was time to create a little order into this chaos and do some things I wanted to do for ages. 
First of all I did some battery changes. I haven't done this for a while, so within a few minutes I found over 20 G-Shocks. There were some stubborn models between them, so it took me about 5 hours to replace them all (24 G-Shocks, 2 were not on this photo).
That was a lot of work!
A friend of me sent me a pic of a G-Shock shop window in Spain about a year ago. I can't find the pic anywhere, but between the usual G-Shocks (there was no real remarkable model for me) I noticed a small G-Shock finger skateboard. I liked that, but somewhat forgot about it later, until a few months ago. I found a bag filled with G-Shock and Casio goodies in Germany. It also contained the cute skateboards. I also manage to get hold of some other G-Shock stuff through another channel in Germany. As they arrived at my house around the same time, they were dropped in the same box and placed in my G-Shock room. It seems I almost had forgotten about it, but I didn't.
So, what did I find in this box. First two catalogues, showing the current G-Shock collection of Europe.  Nothing new now, but might become interesting to own in about 10 years.
A cool good quality Messenger Bag. That might become handy maybe in the future.
Some shop window props.
We have seen more of these. Several foldable frisbees, some Casio pens, a Shock The World CD, a nice wallet (I want to have a second, but still can't find one). The Keychain is very nice and heavy. I learned a few days ago that there were some lighter G-Shock key chains, which could be worn as a necklace too. Very cool is the G-Shock Patch. Now I need a cool jacket to apply it on. Also I found a pair of foot bags. These small leather balls can be used "to keep high" with your feet. I'm not sure I am handy enough for that. 
Look at this! It's the new European G-Shock cap (left). The last model was nice too, but I like this logo. It looks much better. Also the fabric seems a from a higher quality.
How do I look? People here must already have spotted me with this cap as it is pretty comfy and I wear it quite often outside the house. 
Actually there were two shirts in the box, but the other one is the usual G-Shock shirt with the same logo as the older G-Shock cap shown a few photo's above. This one is more interesting. The bag was probably a goody bag and came with a Shock The World T-Shirt. Pretty cool design. 
This is what I really wanted in the first place. The little cute G-Shock skateboards. They might not be very high quality, but they look very cute. They even have grip tape on the deck!
Last weeks I also acquired some G-Shock mooks. The word mook is a subtraction of the words book and magazine. In the late 90's, specially in 1997 and 1998, a lot of mooks were released. Since 2006 there are also annual G-Shock mooks. 
Probably the best of the old mooks. Not really hard to find (I have given a few away to good friends in the past) and a lot of fun to read in. As I had only one, this is my spare one.
I swear I had this mook, but it had gone. Luckily I found another.
Although I thought I had them about all, I missed this one in my collection. 
I got this mook earlier. It was given to me by a good friend. 
And as I was cleaning out and reorganizing my studio/G-Shock room, I made some room for my G-Shock Mook Collection. It now looks pretty complete. Note, one mook is actually Kiks TYO's "Sneaker Lover" photo book. Not really a G-Shock mook, but they are huge G-Shock lovers at Kiks TYO. 
I hope you like my G-Shock goodies article. Please do not sent me comments where you can get all of these. Sometimes you just need a little luck to run into something. For most articles I was not actually searching for. I just found them. Please also do not ask if I sell these. I simply don't. I would like to thank the people who made it possible for me to get these. Many, many thanks. Without you my collection would not have these kind of gems like these. 

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