Sunday, June 30, 2013

G-Shock #29: Resist Black DW-5030C.

A few months ago, I saw the models being released for G-Shock’s 30th Anniversary, and was immediately drawn towards the DW-5030C. When these limited edition Project Team Tough anniversary models come out, they are typically VERY limited, and extremely hard to acquire. I dropped a note to Seiya to see if he had any, he quickly replied he didn't, but would notify me when they become available. Shortly after, I received an invoice, promptly paid, and 2 days later my mailman brought me a package from the Land of the Rising Sun.
Like the original Casio Packaging of 30 years ago, it is no frills. Simple cardboard box with off white coloring and the 30th Anniversary design. The box looks like, and is designed to look like it has been sitting for 30 years. It reminds me of an old Baseball Cooperstown Collectible packaging. Some folks on the forums were disappointed with the Cardboard instead of the tin, or hard case, but I like it very much. Sliding off the sleeve reveals a 2 piece cardboard box. Opening the top is a slot where the watch sits in plastic wrapping with tags, and adhesives to keep its Rose Gold Steel keeper and Black polished Screwback finish intact. Pulling the watch out reveals it's paperwork underneath it, written in Japanese. The DW-5030C offers the classic Module # 3421. I like simplicity in my Classic type collectibles, and this watch does not disappoint. No Atomic or Solar, simple old fashioned battery power.
Pulling the watch out of the plastic, removing the tags and putting them to the side, I am so impressed by the very classic charm this watch has. The display shows a coppery aged finish, it's got gold lettering on the front of the bezel. The inlay is black with gold bricks and lettering showing the button operations. In a very understated and non-distracting red it shows "Project Team Tough" below the Hour. The Display shows the Day of the week, month and date in the small box on the upper right, the time which could read in 12/24 hour format and the seconds. Holding the alarm on/off button shows an EL Hourly flash indicator. The buttons are Rose Gold as well as the Keeper. The Keeper shows 3 stars and "Since 1983" engraved into it. The Stainless Steel Screwback Case is a polished black and shows the 30th Anniversary logo engraved. The buckle is the same polished black as the back case. It has that great stainless steel weight to it to let you know it is there.
I debated keeping the plastic attached to this and storing it in the box to look at occasionally. Strapping it on my wrist, my decision was made easily, this will be sitting in my watch box and will be worn occasionally, I like it too much. This collection reminds me of a retro version 25th Anniversary Dawn Black collection. 

I tend to be a bit old school when it comes to my squares, I do not like them at all without the screw backs. I took out my DW-5600C and GW-5000 and this fit in perfectly in the middle. I have my old school classic 901 module with my DW-5600C. I have its updated completely modern version with all its bells and whistles. I have included photos of all three. The thing I love about the squares over time is the style stand the test of time (No Pun). These watches fit in just as easily today as they did 30 years ago when the G-Shock was first introduced. They continue to represent what they did years ago…toughness. Now with so many models there is a G-shock to suit anybody. Here’s to another 30 years!

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Anonymous said...

I have the DW-5030C-1JR and its fantastic. The only thing I wished it has was dual time, like my 1980's DW-5600C. I wish Casio would build module 3421 with dual time. I am not a fan of the GW-5000-1JF either too much to go wrong, it doesn't display time concurrently in other modes and world time isn't practical, dual time is.