Sunday, June 30, 2013

Intermezzo #65: Prelude to the "Resist Black" Trilogy.

In March 2013 Casio announced the third series to celebrate their 30th Anniversary, The RESIST BLACK series. It would be released in April 19, the exact date of G-Shock's 30th anniversary.

There have been many models and 2 series of watches celebrating G-Shock's 30th anniversary, but frankly I, and I guess a lot of G-Shock enthusiasts and collectors too, have waited for the, now, iconic Anniversary "Project Team Tough" model. Casio decided not only to release a DW-5000 model, but choose two other classic G-Shock designs to go along with it.
The production of these models were limited, but not very. 10,500 pieces were made of each model, so it must be pretty easy to get one of those. For the record, of the DW-5025SP were 2008 pieces made and a fast search learned me that at the moment there are still 3 on auction in Japan. 
When I received my set, I noticed that my co-author Doug had bought the DW-5030C-1JR and co-author Chris (a.k.a. Chrisek. writing here as Christofono) had also bought a complete set. While chatting or FaceTiming with Doug, we came to the idea to do a "Triple Feature" together. Chris immediately was enthusiast too. I think he was even the first author to complete his article.
So here is where you find these three articles:

Now, that's a lot to read and a lot of eye candy. To keep the stories as authentic as possible, we did not discuss or talk about these models on beforehand. This might of course lead that things are mentioned double in the articles, but on the other hand, these articles must also be possible to read as single articles, outside the triple feature concept. I like to thank my fellow writers Doug and Chris for the cooperation and the fun of making this happen. It took a lot of time, but I think it shows of and it was fully worth it.

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