Sunday, July 7, 2013

Intermezzo #66: The making of "GW-T5030C: The ONE watch".

For this weeks 50 Gs article by Isezumi, we planned a meeting. As he lives in The Hague and I live about 150 km south of him, I thought it was a good idea to meet somewhere halfway. Well Halfway... The only place I could think of was Brewery Emelisse in Kamperland. A travel of 40 killometers for me and 110 for him. His idea was to shoot pics for his article about the GW-T5030C, because I have a good camera. Of course it is also great to meet each other, rather than via messages on WUS, Facebook or WhatApp. I asked my brother Paul to join and Bram thought it was also great to join. There was lunch involved and Emelisse is not only known for good beer, but also for good food. My brother came up with the idea to do a "Making of" See here the result. 
As I had given my old camera (Canon 400D) to my brother when I upgraded to my Canon 7D, he tends to bring that camera, like me, with him everywhere he goes, and so did he now. This is why you now can see "The Making of:" of the photo series I made for Isezumi's article (note: Izesumi has taken a few photo's for his article too).
Bram enjoyed the "Kibbeling" (deep fried chunks of white fish covered with dough) very much. It's one of his favorite foods. 
Group portrait before leaving to Middelburg for some macro shots. 
You might say my brother was born on two wheels. He has been riding motorized two wheelers for ages. No surprise I found this photo among the others. 
Now, that's interesting. I have never seen me drive our car. That's a nice Frogman there. Bought @ Big Camera near Kyoto Central Station two years ago.
As it is impossible to view my complete collection, I asked Izesumi, before he came to me, what he would like to see. "Well, what are your Top 5 watches". Funny thing is that my brother didn't capture the GW-203K-4, DW-5200C and the MRG-121 I brought down. Probably he likes my G-011 and D&R 2 mode...
Now we are getting serious. Macro shots out of hand!
I hope you liked my brother's photo report of how I usually set-up my photography and how we enjoyed a great day. Big thanks to Paul and Isezume for making this possible!

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