Saturday, June 21, 2008

#23 The White Clubber.

As a collector of G-Shocks you always find some models more attractive than other. The variety of models is very big. The DW-003TL models is one of my favorites. I have quiet a lot of them and this will probably not be the last one on 50Gs.
Finding info about the DW-003TL models is not easy. They are not released in Japan under this model number, so they are not mentioned in the G-Shock Bibles of 2007 and 2008. It took me a while, but the correct model number for this watch is DW-003TL-7VQT. It was released in July 1997.
The DW-003TL came in several various color variations. Orange, blue, yellow, black and white with negative displays, the black, white and orange versions also have a normal display version too. Most of these watches I have seen come with the negative display, indicating that the normal display models are made in much smaller numbers.

The letters TL stands for Tough Label. Tough Label is the series of G-Shock made for the serious "clubber". Let's put in a nice CD of Mirwais to get into the right atmosphere.
Tough Label has a wide variety in models, which often they have a BPM counter. This model does not have this feature, but it has about all functions you can wish for on a basic model anno 1997. Nowadays it's passed by mobile phones, but this watch can store up to 30 telephone numbers, an alarm and hourly chime, complete independent programmable dual time, a 24h countdown timer with auto repeat function and a stopwatch.
A funny extra, completely worthless, but funny function, is the Equalizer function. If you push the upper right button for about 2 seconds, the upper display shows a graphic frequency analyzer animation.
In Japan the Tough Label series is mostly called the G'Mix series, but it does not apply to these models. A pretty similar model has been released in Japan too, under number DW-003C-7T, with exact the same strap. The only difference is that there is a big "lighting G" in the EL backlight of hte Japanese version.
Probably the most eye catching on this watch is the double Velcro watchband. The bottom band is a kind of thick stretch towel fabric. The upper part is woven nylon. The buckle holds the band in place. The case is attached to the upper band with two strap adapters. This way you can't loose the watch, not even when under strong force one of the push pins might fail. In that case the case will bestill attached with the other strap adapter.
When people see this kind of watchband for the first time, they think it's warm and looking too big. Once you have tried it on, it's great. This strap is unbelievable comfortable. You actually hardly notice the watch is there.
The fact that the case is attached to the upper strap with strap adapters make it possible for the case to migrate a little up and down. Also here is sounds like something you don't want, but actually it makes the watch adapt to the shape and size of your wrist.

This white model looks pretty sharp when worn. One can hardly look over it. It makes it a great summer watch for flashing along the beach. Now hoping for the sun to shine, so I can take it out for a ride on my bike....


bambam said...

hi, im just wondering if you know where i can buy this watch? or if its even still produced? iv been collecting g-shocks for years now and iv been looking for this particular model for years.


wayne bolger

Unknown said...

Hi Wayne,

This G-Shock was produced over 12 years ago. It's pretty hard to find now in new condition. I think if you keep an eye open on eBay from time to time you have the best chance to find one.

Kind Regards,


A said...

Any idea what these are worth? I have a yellow and blue one that is slightly used but mainly just sat in a dresser for years.

It's hard to find information about them and I don't know how much they're worth. Just the watch, I don't have anything extra for it. (No boxes, etc)

O-Gong-Ee said...

I've had mine since it was brand new back in '97. I loved this watch and wore it everywhere and did everything with it. Including going to clubs and raves. It is now on it's 3rd battery, a few years went by without a working battery, but now it's back on my wrist. So hard to find anyone that owns one of these. Sjors, looking good!